All photography provided by Nancy R. Kramer


Risk is not a new age consideration.  It is something that has affected humans from the beginning of time, and it is an important consideration for every aspect of our personal and business lives today.

Petralogix recognizes that each of our client's projects, no matter the scale, all come down to short-term and long-term risk.  

Whether it is a fault investigation, an environmental due diligence screening, or a water evaluation; at Petralogix we help you evaluate the spectrum of risk that may develop from your project so that you can move forward.  We then help to make the appropriate solution into a reality.    


The most important questions of life are indeed, for the most part, really only problems of probability.
— Pierre-Simon Laplace (Théorie Analytique des Probabilités: 1812)

What Our Employees Have Achieved

  • Dozens of successful environmental processing projects without any litigation.
  • Hundreds of environmental site assessments without any litigation.
  • Fault evaluations to aid in successful placement of mega-structures and energy related components.
  • Successful review  and investigation of Groundwater Resources for various multi-million dollar energy projects.
  • Landslide characterization and repair on public and private properties to ensure project success. 
  • Successful site cleanup of school, commercial, and industrial sites so development could be achieved.
  • Guidance of long-term monitoring for sites governed under multiple state regulatory boards. 
  • General risk consulting to save our clients time and money.