Our services are vast and include a large array of geophysical, environmental, and geological consulting skills.  Feel free to write questions@petralogix.com, or call 209-400-5729 if you would like to set up a meeting to see how we could help you and your team.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) - We are experts in both the formal and informal processes that are associated with helping a project through public environmental review.  Our team (and partnering firms) have worked on hundreds of these types of projects throughout our careers. 

Due Diligence - Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments - Our in house specialists have reviewed and worked on hundreds of these documents over the last decade.  We provide professional quality reviews for Banks, Private Parties, and Owners alike.  

Environmental Site Remediation (Hazardous Waste Disposal) - Petralogix can provide all oversight necessary to complete a site cleanup from almost any type of contamination.  We work with a select group of hazardous material specialists and landfills to complete the cleanup of sites so that they can be safely developed. 

Air, Water, & Soil Monitoring and Analysis - If you need on-call services, long-term contracting for quarterly or semi-annual monitoring, or sampling analysis plan development then we can help.  We are capable of providing all necessary equipment, sub-consulting partners, and field services to monitor a site and help keep the regulatory agencies satisfied.  

Monitoring Well Designs - We can design and help install soil-vapor, vapor, and water well systems for any project.  

Storm Water Monitoring - Our team and partner companies can assist with your Storm Water Monitoring. Whether it is agricultural, commercial, industrial, or municipal; we can aid before, during and after storm-events.  Our QSD/QSP family is there to assist and add an affordable alternative to the competition.