Petralogix Engineering, Inc.

Petralogix Engineering, Inc. is a family business founded with confidence in the ability of human beings to problem solve on our planet. We can maintain and grow an economy as well as uphold the health of our surrounding environment. We wholeheartedly believe that these concepts are not mutually exclusive, that to succeed in this day and age, humanity will need to become more innovative and persistent than ever before. We are dedicated to protecting the soil in which we grow food and our children play, and the water and air that sustains life around us. Petralogix and our partnering companies have existing strategies to solve many of these current challenges and are enthusiastic about finding solutions for obstacles to come.

As a company we aim to help businesses succeed by providing creative and solid strategies to avoid risk, be good stewards to the environment, and get the job done. We aim to help contractors, developers, lawmakers, government officials and the general public meet on common ground and work together to be successful.

"When all you have is a hammer, all problems start to look like nails." -Mark Twain

We are different. Our family line is made up of miners, loggers, ranchers, farmers, fishermen, dairymen, engineers, scientists, professors, veterans, and entrepreneurs. We are subject to the same regulations as our clients. We understand the costs of doing business in this environmentally sensitive and litigious period of time.  Our forefathers and mothers paved the way for us, they built their livelihoods from the resources of the earth with reverence for the land and the understanding that it is in our best interest to protect it, in order to continue reaping what we sow. So how do we accomplish this?  

We are a group of expert geophysicists, geologists, and environmental consultants that are dedicated to the work and projects in which we take part. When the client needs help we are there, and can act as nimble and dynamic team members to achieve greatness. Our specialty services have an emphasis on Geophysics, Environmental Consulting, Geological Hazard Assessment, General Consulting, and Geological Risk Management.  Rather than describe each one of our unique services alone in this webpage, we encourage you to call or write us to discuss the possibility of meeting in person. 

At Petralogix, your model and mission is something that we value.  As a smaller company we are capable of developing special price strategies, like working with developers as partners rather than consultants, and/or sharing some of the investment risk. Lump sum bidding on jobs is always an option, but we feel that a long-term relationship is an optimal business model, in order to establish familiarity and continuity in your business development.

One of the most important values at Petralogix is our trust and dedication to relationships. This does not transpire via the internet, email, or text. We are real people and so are our clients. Whether it is an informative and educational presentation, a lunch meeting and a cup of tea, or a game of golf or tennis, is up to you.  We make time for our clients. If we can earn your trust and become a consultant to you, I can guarantee that we will not stop short of the finish line.

Daniel E. Kramer, President
Professional Geophysicist & Geologist
PG #8657, CEG #2588, PGp #1078 

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”  Albert Einstein