Petralogix Writers Contest


Oregon Bluffs

Oregon Bluffs

“Environmental Impact and You”

John Muir once said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

We cannot separate our lives, projects, businesses, institutions, and spirits from nature and the environment that is all around us.  For years people have been perplexed and cognizant of the effect that humans have on nature.

With that said, we are asking our Petralogix Friends to get involved in the conversation and make a difference for the world around us.  Words on paper are not action, but they inspire us to do great things.  Without the wisdom of today being documented in the form of artistic prose, how can our future generations reflect on the past world?  As a company we want to inspire and discuss the ways our world can develop to secure a beautiful natural playground and a thriving economy.  But who are the people that can make this happen?  We believe it is you, it is us, it is everyone who has the ability to pick up a pen and paper and get to writing!

Could one of you be the next great voice to leave an imprint on this world?  

We are asking that you join in and write a one-page essay on what nature and the environment mean to you.  These essays could focus on development, conservation, preservation, history, great environmental speakers, or your experience trying to be part of natural and man-made environment. 

One lucky writer will receive $200 and have their essay posted on our Petralogix Facebook page and spotlighted on our website for all to view and enjoy.  Your reflection will also appear in one of our published field journals for the month. All essays will be posted to our online archives for review and discussion on our environmental and sustainable development blog. We look forward to having you join us in this discussion! Please submit your essays by October 15th, 2014 to  

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Petralogix Engineering, Inc.